About Us


The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust (SLCT) has been around for over 13 years, yet most Barbadians do not know just how many underprivileged children's lives the Trust has changed. The SLCT currently disperses over 4 million dollars annually and, since inception, has donated over 30 million Barbados dollars to fund multiple causes, whether it be educational, medical or community based initiatives. All have the same mission – to improve the lives of under privileged children of Barbados.

The Trust, whilst it supports many individual cases, mainly focuses its efforts on far-reaching programmes, working closely with community partners to try and make a difference to as many children’s lives as possible. “We understand that children cannot help themselves, which is why we are there to lend a helping hand.”

The Trust is operated by 4 trustees, Its Grand Patron & Trustee Mr Derrick Smith, Mrs Phillipa Challis, Mr Julian Sacher and Mr John Lodge.

It is important to note that 100% of the funds raised by the Trust go to the development of the underprivileged children of Barbados. The payment of salaries and all expenses are covered by its Grand Patron to ensure that every penny raised goes towards those who need it most.