Without donations from kindhearted people from around the world, we would accomplish nothing. While large donations go a long way towards funding our programmes, we graciously accept donations of all amounts.Larger donations pay for the many programmes in children's health, education and community outreach supported by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust. The success of many of these programmes substantially relies on the amazing generosity of our annual donors. For those unable to make large donations, please contribute whatever you can. Even a relatively small contribution can make a BIG difference.There are many children who need help urgently, so please give generously. You have our assurance that every dollar raised goes to assisting the needy children of Barbados. With the help of donors like you, we make a difference in the lives of thousands of children each and every day. Thank you very much.

+ Donate by Cheque

Please make cheques payable to The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust and mail them to:

Jacqui Cuke - Project Manager
Sandy Lane Charitable Trust
Golf Club Road
Sandy Lane
St. James, BB24014

+ Donate by Wire Transfer

Contact Jacqui Cuke for wire transfer details.

Email: slct@tanglewood.bb
Tel: +1 (246) 439.5000
1Did you know that a $100 donation...
• Could help support a hungry child in the YWCA breakfast programme for over a month.

• Can buy a child a pair of shoes and socks for school.

• Can enable a special needs child to receive school lessons.

• Would buy a young child a school uniform.

• Could provide a family with some basic nutritious food for a week.

• Will feed a child at lunchtime for 2 weeks, who otherwise would go without.
2Did you know that a $1000 donation...
• Can buy a hearing aid for a deaf child waiting to hear.

• Could provide special garments and therapy for a child victim of fire or burn.

• Would support a special needs child to attend the Sunshine & Derrick Smith schools.

• Could sponsor a hungry child in the YWCA breakfast programme for nearly a whole school year.

• Will pay for a young person to receive intense drug education, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation at CASA, Crime stoppers, DECS or Vagrants charities.