The Trust recognizes some of the monumental challenges facing Barbadian educators and is endeavoring to instigate change through the sponsorship of numerous schools, charities and not for profit organizations positively affecting the lives of thousands of children. In coordination with the Ministry of Education, the Trust supports counseling, teacher training, student intervention and innovative academic programmes. The following programmes, along with investment in future educators in specialist training, is our way of addressing the challenges that the nation’s children face.

• The Sunshine Centre offers programmes to help children overcome challenges that have disrupted their ability to communicate.

• “Crime Stoppers” workshops, conducted at over 15 secondary schools, to coach children away from a life of crime.

• Primary school counselling, with counsellors working at 21 selected schools and the new horizons academy.

• Academic support programmes for children preparing for the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination (“11+”) transition to secondary school.

• Training Barbadian teachers and sharing materials in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Erdiston Training College.