As a small charity with a big heart, we realise we can be so much better, if we work with more experienced partners, explore mutually beneficial relationships that can give us greater exposure and flexibility and ultimately reach and effect more children and their families. The following are some of the wonderful organisations and people we partner with.

The World Pediatric Project is a humanitarian organisation that volunteers their medical services, represented by a remarkable team of consultants, surgeons, nurses, technicians and staff who have all volunteered their time and resources to help the children of Barbados. The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the World Pediatric Project have all made a commitment of different resources to give medical aide to various children in Barbados, both at home and overseas.
The Because of Jenna Trust is dedicated to easing the suffering of severely brain-injured children in Barbados and improving their quality of life, providing special treatments, equipment and supplies needed by these extremely affected children. The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust recognized the great work done by The Because of Jenna Trust with a donation toward the charity, directing funds to the pamper drive, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy programmes, transportation and supplies assisting in the daily support and home care of so many affected children.
The Thelma Vaughan Home is a shelter for children and adults affected by severe brain injury, providing meals, transportation, day to day care and support. It is home to 12 residents suffering from disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and a number of debilitating conditions. The Thelma Vaughan facility is aging and in parts in grave disrepair facing a critical point of potential closure of the kitchens and common living, dining and administration spaces. The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust will fund the balance of the construction and equipment costs of the new building and gardens. We have approached The Because of Jenna Trust to operate and manage, from their own funds, a day to day respite for the children and adults with brain injury within the new Thelma Vaughan building. Providing physio therapy, occupational therapy and general care on a day to day basis in the newly equipped facility. All three partners are committed to sustainably improving the quality of life for the brain injured children in Barbados.
This is a special place, where your challenges do not define you, where you are accepted, loved and understood. A place where your potential is identified and nurtured. The Centre has created a space of happiness, care, understanding and growth. Having adopted a family oriented systems approach, it recognises each child is directly affected by their home and community environment. The Sunshine Centre is both committed to promoting the growth and development of its students, and supporting the emotional well-being of their families. Once their needs are fulfilled from the family aspect, we then assist them with other aspects of their lives and growth.
Since 2008, The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust has been looking for long term solutions for children requiring psychiatric assistance in a residential facility. There has never been separate provision made for children under 16 and until now children requiring residential help have been placed in the main Psychiatric Hospital in an adult ward. This is clearly unacceptable. Finally in November 2016, The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust met with the Board of the Psychiatric Hospital and agreed on a new proposal – a residential children’s ward within the grounds of the existing facility! This green site will be tucked away, removed from the rest of the Hospital as a department that could be run and funded from the existing budget and staff head count. We expect to break ground in 2017 to give these children a new home by January 2018.