The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust has once again come to the aid of children in need of medical attention.

The Trust recently partnered with international non-profit, humanitarian organization World Pediatric Project and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to assist 10 children with medical needs, in an effort to change their lives.

Speaking at the Sandy Lane Country Club, trustee Phillipa Challis, explained that the goal of the partnership was to “give medical aid to various different children in Barbados – at home and overseas”.

By teaming up with the World Pediatric Project, a team of consultants, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and other medical staff volunteered their time and resources to assist in the Barbados-based venture.

From next week, six children will be undergoing corrective surgery for Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) at the QEH, while Aaron Gittens-Skinner, Raven Harris, Miracle Harewood and Jordan Mercurius will be sent overseas for their treatments.

Challis stated that through the three-way partnership, the children will be provided “with whatever funding is necessary to ensure the…mission is achieved”.

She said that medical and subsistence sponsorship will be provided to the children and their parents wherever necessary.

“This October, doctors and associates of the World Pediatric Project will be coming to Barbados to evaluate a Cochlear Implant mission,” announced Challis.

“They will explore options and assess operating and programming facilities, with a view to training our own [local] doctors in the procedure.”

The Trust also donated a desperately needed Pediatric Neonatal Cysto-Urethroscope and two custom built Hydraulic Stretchers to the QEH today.

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