Our Sponsorships


Vacation Camps

Small things make a big difference, differences that we often cannot quantify. Like many children around the world, the financial necessity of a working mother and support system means that school vacations are no longer about family and holidays, but often boring days remaining within the home, alone. The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust has provided safe havens and wonderful supportive environments for many such children by funding numerous daytime camps during school vacations.These small donations made to non-profit camp organisations supported underprivileged children, and offered equal opportunities to experience fun, sports, and educational stimulation. They provided the forum to learn about and meet exceptional people, to visit many interesting and unusual places and exposed them to new experiences that these children could only dream of. Thanks to the camps’ mentors and coaches leading the way, these children’s lives were enriched as they were inspired to learn, play and experience holiday fun. Vacations are a time to enjoy, learn, experience and be well cared for.

Caribbean Dyslexia Centre

Learning disabilities are often hidden, however, the Caribbean Dyslexia Centre has done a phenomenal job with identifying and assessing dyslexic children. Very few schools within the government system has trained teachers to support this childhood condition and often times these children are left to fall between the cracks. Over the years, the Trust has provided scholarships for children between the ages of 6-16 where they receive professional assessments and attend lessons at the Caribbean Dyslexia Centre. This allows them to learn at their own pace and find their place of normalcy.

Chefette Fun Run

The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust has been a platinum sponsor of the Chefette Fun Run initiative since 2015. The Chefette Fun Run Charity does a fantastic job in raising much needed funds to support hundreds of underprivileged children. The Fun Run event is held once annually and the funds are dispersed among several charities who offer a beacon of hope through their services to many disadvantaged children in Barbados.

Fisher’s of Men Charity

A small charity with a big heart, dedicated to their vision and mission to provide daily breakfast, lunch and dinner to vulnerable children. The Trust continues to provide support through small donations, both cash and in-kind food donations to this charity. Their primary goal is to ensure no child goes to bed hungry in Barbados, therefore in addition to providing their daily sustenance to those in need, the Fishers’ of Men Charity also prepares food hampers and care packages to families who may not have benefited from their wholesome meals. This is why we are so passionate about sustaining these smaller charities, who work so tirelessly towards our shared goal… leaving no child behind. As a result, to help mitigate the financial impact and to ensure no child is turned away, the Trust assist with providing shopping vouchers to purchase food and the necessary toiletries.

YMCA Breakfast Club

The Sandy Lane Charitable Trust continues its commitment to the community, enriching the lives of ordinary Barbadians through a series of benevolent interventions. We are proud supporters of the YWCA Breakfast Club Programme. Many children across the island often go to school without breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. The YWCA Breakfast Club Programme has been very effective in addressing this growing concern. They provide over 8000 breakfast plates per term, giving children the much needed nutrition to start their day and perform at their fullest potential in the classroom. The Trust has also sponsored the “Summer Take away Breakfast” project. Recognising that during the summer vacation children still needed to be provided with that important first meal, the Trust mobilised the resources to fund the feeding of over 185 children for the eight-week period providing hope at the critical out-of-school season.

National Counsel of Substance Abuse

“Where counselling and education are like a new set of lenses. New ways and paths of action in the world are illuminated.” Education and prevention go hand in hand. The primary purpose is to provide young children with life skills to enable them to cope with the challenges of substance abuse, alcoholism and promiscuity. Children and families benefit from coaching, counselling, intervention and mentoring. They learn techniques and life skills to overcome adversity and build resilience from harm.

Prince’s Trust International

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales newest charity was created to tackle youth unemployment and build futures for disadvantaged young people around the world. The Sandy Lane Trust and the Royal Barbados Police force proudly partnered with Prince’s Trust International to deliver the first “TEAM” pilot outside the UK, a 12 week personal development programme for 16 – 25 year olds.

Slow Food Soup Drive

Slow Food Barbados is a registered charity, which works to promote good, clean and fair food. The Slow “Soup Drive” was birthed during the pandemic and has brought together some of the island’s most respected chefs & farmers to form an alliance and cook for the vulnerable, further affected by Covid-19. Every wholesome soup donated through this programme has made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of Barbadians experiencing the profound effects of the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic’s impact has severely affected many vulnerable children in the rural districts of the island who relied heavily on the government-funded school meals system. Thankfully, the Slow Food Soup Drive has been brilliant in identifying and addressing this need. These nutritious soups, which utilises the produced donated by local farms and prepared by expert chefs who generously donate their time and talent has been a blessing to the lives of many. Here at the Trust, we are honoured to support this humanitarian initiative spearheaded by the Slow Food Soup Drive; our collective effort has certainly made a tremendous impact.

Milk for Babies

The current challenge for migrant women living in a foreign country is they are without any support from family, community or government is on any level. The Caribbean Anti-Human Trafficking Foundation has been actively advocating for assistance for many of these women with young children who have little to no means. With no support from government agencies, the Caribbean Anti-Human Trafficking has reached out to the Trust for assistance. We strongly believe that every child deserves a fighting chance and the circumstances in which they live is through no fault of their own. To that end, the Trust provides support through vouchers for the purchase of formula, pampers, other baby supplies, school supplies and food hampers. This small act of kindness has made a huge difference in the lives of these women and their innocent children.

Sports For Life

Their mantra: "The choices I make today will determine the course my life takes tomorrow." The Trust has been supporting this programme for over 12 years now. It is a marvellous initiative that uses the power of sport to change the trajectory for approximately 30 children. They are underachievers at school, have disciplinary issues or have been referred by Government agencies. We love that through this programme the children are coached in sports, provided with academic support and life skills training. The aim is to improve their self-esteem, academic confidence and reinforce their learning at school. The cohort also insists on family support and provides counselling on raising teenagers, discipline, healthy lifestyles, and responsible sexuality. Here's what's most impressive, students stay on after two years and become interns, supporting their younger peers and undergoing leadership training. An accurate indication of the power of positive influences on these children's lives.