INDIVIDUALS were given an opportunity yesterday to experience first-hand some of the educational activities done at the Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre during that school’s Open Day. This event is one of the activities being done to mark
the Centre’s 10th anniversary. Whilst there, parents, guardians and other members of the public were taken on an interactive tour around the facility where a number of stops were made. Persons got the chance during this session to speak with the school’s Vision Therapist, Kashenna Holder and Family Services Counsellor, Noemi White as well as with other

Principal, Jenna Parris told The Barbados Advocate about the significance of the Open Day. “This is our opportunity to showcase to persons, whether it be to the public, other teachers [or] just parents, so that you get a full understanding of what we do here at the Centre. Sometimes people may look on and think that what we are doing is just a lot of play-based activity but [it] is that … children need.” She continued, “A lot of times you would realise that children can grasp the same concepts, the same objectives if you do it through a play-based way and they are more understanding and willing to try things if it is something that seems to be more fun and interesting to them. It not that we also don’t take and transition over to paper at some point for those who can handle it, but initially when we are starting we give our children as much hands on experience as possible.”

Among the attendees to the Open Day was Chairman of the Board at the Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre, Phillipa Challis. She gave the media background information about the school which caters to children with different types of special needs. The Trustee of the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust also made mention of the contribution made to the school
by that charity. “We contribute over one million dollars a year to the running of this facility. There are other donors who we can’t do without but it is our largest single donation as the Trust. It is our biggest commitment but it is one that gives us greatest pleasure.”(MG)

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