PM praises work of charities

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley says Barbados owes a debt of gratitude to charitable organisations which have been making significant donations for many years to help better the lives of Barbadians.

She also strongly condemned what she called “the attack” on the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust (SLCT) by Democratic Labour Party president Verla De Peiza.

Recently, the trust presented $1.5 million in grocery vouchers to help families affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The vouchers are to be distributed over the next six weeks, through the 30 constituency offices.
However, De Peiza questioned why the vouchers were not given to non-governmental agencies to distribute, saying that if measures were not established to ensure the vouchers reached those they were intended for, then it would amount to a political gift.

Mottley said: “We didn’t go to them, they came to us. I assumed they came to us because they understood constituencies were the only based community offices which service across the entire island. It isn’t political because if it was political, it wouldn’t be known to the press, it would not be a donation that would be discussed in the public.” (MB)

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